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Office max and max assurance is a rip off. I bought an Acer laptop from them and sent it in for 6-7 repairs in 2 years.

Some were due to accidental damage but most were from non accidental failures. I sent it in for them to repair my OS but they instead downloaded their own illegit version on my computer even though I sent them my system discs. Then I sent it in because the charging port was broken and a hinge was broken. Their repairs were so *** that it broke apart soon after and they even sprayed my laptop case with a silver spray paint that rubbed off as soon as I even slightly rubbed it.

So now my laptop looks like a ghetto piece of *** sloppily put together with black spots all over where the paint rubbed off. Then a couple months later, I had the same problem with the hinge, charging port, and OS and had to send it in a few more times. I was promised a gift card the last time I called in but they shipped me back the laptop instead with some screws missing on the bottom and the hinges unstable. I am in the process of filing a complaint to the company and fighting for my gift card that I rightly deserve under their no lemon policy.

Their customer service is also very ***, shady, and unorganized. I called in to file a claim and told them I had moved to a new address but they still sent the laptop box to my old address. So after a week and a half of waiting, I called again and find out the *** who filed the claim didn't change the address. This guy promises me to ship another box to the correct address and I call back again the next day to find out that they still haven't changed the address.

Other times I called in, the agents didn't seem to know what they were doing. I was told more than twice I would get a gift card and then I call back to find out that I did not meet the requirements. Needless to say I was pissed as ***. Multiple agents told me I would not receive a gift card because I had a service plan not a replacement plan.

So I informed them of the No Lemon Policy and then they would put me on hold and tell me that the repair center gets to decide if I get a gift card or not. So the conclusion is that the No Lemon Policy is a lie, even on your fourth repair.

This reviewer shared experience about "nothing to be happy about" and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). The author is overall satisfied with Office Max. The most disappointing about acer laptop from Office Max was failure to honor extended warranty and rip their customers off Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her for further discussion of this matter.

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if you actually take care of your things you wont have to deal with having a ghetto computer.

Dallas, Texas, United States #948950

Should have made your purchase with Amazon.com. I just purchased an Acer laptop and I love it no problems at all.Shophq is good also no problems at all.Plus the laptop would have been cheaper I am so for sure.

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