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bought a laptop last year and I purchased the extended warranty since I have a small boy and the warranty stated that it covered any spills and I would be recieving a new laptop.Couple of months ago, I am working at home on the computer and my son spilled something on it.

My laptop at that did not have a year yet, was a approx. 1 month shy of being a year old.So I send it to the warranty, they kept it for a month, when they told me that they would be replacing it in 2 weeks I would be getting it back. They said no, that had to open the computer up and replace all the parts that are damaged from HP and if the cost was higher that the original price, then they would give me a voucher so I can replace my computer. Well...

After weeks of complaining that I need my computer back so I can work after being promised 2 weeks and it would be fixed, I finally get my computer back, the keyboard is not working properly,the number lock does not work and if I have the number lock on and I try writing an O it writes a 6 and the U writes a 4, my battery does not recharge, and now the computer screen does not turn on. Oh and they said that they tried it and it was working properly. They also told be that they could not reboot my OS and if they did they would charge $40.00. IF they did test my pc when they said they did and how they should have done it, they would have notice that its not working correctly.So I go to Office Max again, and they they give me another bull *** story that the warranty has to fix a total of 3 times so I can get my laptop replaced. Its not fair to the consumer that spends their money does not matter if its $1.00 or $1000.00 you are suppose to get the service that you payed for.HP does give you the first year manufacturer warranty but it actually expired when

the suposed computer technucians we working on it.

Now HP states that they do not cover the battery since its not under warranty and thatI have to go back to be given service from the guys that had my

computer over a months and propably I am going to have to wait a month again so it can "fix it".

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Office Max is a total scam .They are selling used computers as new .

They sell you a warranty that they say is in house .

When the computer breaks , then it is a third party warranty and they laugh at you and brag about all the things that are not covered.I would be interested in ways to put office max out of business so they cannot scam any more inocent customers.

The Hammocks, Florida, United States #22252

Did the maxassurance say that it was a 24hr turn around? If so you probably have a case.

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