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I shop at Office Max for my business because its close and everytime i have a horrible experience - I bought a desk it came in 2 pieces - well came home and seen its not gonna work for where i wanted to fit it (never took the desk out of my truck) maybe 15 minutes after buying i took back and they charged me not one but 2 stocking fees so i bought a 400 dollar desk and took it back and didnt even get 300 dollars back - this was the last time i will EVER shop there and i will spread the word - alot of my friends are business owners too - and i will tell them about their return policy

Monetary Loss: $100.

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The 15% restocking fee is not something the employee can decide to ***, if the box is open, there are only to options the employees have once it is returned. They can either put it back on the shelf taped up.

If that happens, most of the time because it is not in mint condition, or doesn't look it, the manager has to be called to take a chunk of money off the purchase because it could be scratch.

Mainly with Desks, chairs, and printers, they actually have to be taped up and shipped back to the company because OfficeMax can not put certain open packages on the shelves. It's nothing personal against you, it's just people trying to follow the rules and keep their jobs.

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You bought something that didn't fit, and you're upset with them? Many retailers have restocking fees, especially for large items. Next time measure ahead of time, and don't waste the time of the store employees.

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