Why does it take 15 - 20 minutes to get a check verified on a very simple transaction. At Office Max in Omaha NE it took two phone calls to do a simple check verification, absurd.

I've worked in the computer industry for 40 years and you all need to implement scanners that function properly and make a concerted effort to streamline this 1970's functionally. Next time I shop somewhere I will ask ahead of time if they use Telecheck to verify checks and if they do I will go else where so I don't have to hold up a customer check-out line because of an antiquated verification system.

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Who writes checks anymore? And it looks like you're not going to be writing checks at a lot of retailers, because they all use telecheck.

Actually it's Telecheck's problem..not the associates at Omax's. They could have gave you a 1-800 Telecheck customer service number to complain.


Officemax has the slowest POS systems of any retail store I have worked or shopped. And don't think you are the only ones frustrated by this.

As employees we have to deal with it every day. So don't take your anger out on the clerks, we are just as upset or more so about it.


the question is who still uses checks to pay for goods? are u 80? pay cash or credit its quicker@@



OMX has never updated its registers. You ask for another system, they send you a refurbished one! Still using DOS and its not a joke!

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