Ferndale, Washington

I purchased an Office Max calendar again this year and find they are including holidays for the U.S.,Canada, Mexico, Jewish Holidays and also Muslim "special" days. Why include a culture which has destruction of non-muslims as their stated goal?

Why honor a group that is committed to the death and destruction of America and Israel?

Office Max is more concerned to be politically correct than to be principled. I wonder why and for what reasons?

I will not use office max calendars and will tell all my friends and family why I am stopping the use of Office Max.

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Because we are not a racist company! That is why!

I am not a veteran but I dont freak out cause memorial day is on my OfficeMax calender. I am a democrat... and I do not freak out on Presidents day when there is a republican in office and I have a calender stating its Presidents Day! Get a grip!

Maybe this is why so many people complain about service they receive in retail.

If those days were not included them we would have complaints by someone else!

Someone will always feel entitled. Grow up.




Also we have stores in Canada and Mexico!


Maybe because America isn't limited to White Trash? :p


As a fellow worker in the office supplies industry, I could not agree with you more, NotABigot

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