While I have never written a poor or negative review here before in this case it’s a Must - Its highly unlikely you’ll ever walk into a store anywhere – in the US, Caribbean, Europe – ANYWHERE that has worse customer service. Most especially in the so-called Copy Center.

I will not bore you with details but suffice to say that for the most part the people employed in that department in particular department are (with one exception) apathetic, careless, completely unprofessional and extremely prejudicial. Simple case in point: we had an print order in and after waiting for 5 days were told – only after driving down to the store - that their computers were down – all of them- for 4 days. And they were expected to be for another 3 days. No phone call, no contact, simply let us believe all was good.

Total and complete waste of time and it wasn’t the first time. And good luck trying to reach them by telephone. Just recently I spent 7 minutes waiting in the phone only to get hung up on. Because I only had a simple, brief question I decided to try again and see how long it would take… waited 22 minutes before I gave up.

This OfficeMax is a pathetic excuse for a store and desperately needs to go out of business for good. AVOID THIS STORE AT ALL COST!

Monetary Loss: $175.

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Boston, Massachusetts, United States #620615

Your wish has been answered. Office Depot just bought out Office Max.

Fingers crossed that the new management will clean house. Send them a letter!


It may all be true but I know they are working on it! I'm told they just brought in two new store managers and I saw that they had a job fair last week. Hopefully things will get better but it wil take some time.

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